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October 2004 . Voice

The SUNS: Red Hot & Reviewed
by Sabrina Chan

... Once upon a time there was a couple of Boredphucks who rocked a crowd of devotees and possessed a nation. Alas! With a slip of the glib, they were cruelly usurped by anal-retentive authorities and banished to the forgotten realms of what-once-was and mighty could-have-beens. Pity. BUT, as destiny and frevour would have it, the phoenix arose from the ashes and from the sacred fire was borne... THE SUNS!!! Thankfully, this astronomical gastronomical concoction of ooh-la-las has resurfaced in Melbourne and are once again rockin' da universe!!!...

This latest wonder, hailing all the way from da Singapura, is fronted by lead singer and guitarist, San Singer, famous for crowd-teasing antics like licking along the neck of his guitar while unleashing a notorious display of sheer guitar genius... There's no other way to describe what he does on guitar than making love. And wait till you check the vox!!! Their ace of bass is one bubbling-sparkling dude called JBoss, who sends everyone reeling and squealing with his physical wonder of a long tongue (and who know that else, eh?) and his almost trance-like state of total immersion with his craft. Wayne Thunder, with his kitschy ensemble of a traditional chinese outfit, sneakers and funky socks, with flashes of gleaming white teeth ever so often, sure as hell drummed this bootiful band to the rockin' core of da universe!! Apart from being mind-blowing performers and excellent musicians, this trio make an excellent combination of eclectic styles, resulting in a harmony that isn't just multicultural. Their style is a sweet and sizzling amalgamation of reggae, surf punk and old school rock. More affectionately known as Party Rock! Finger-wagging good, I assure you!!!

Honest to God, I cannot recall another live performance that got the audience, myself included, rockin', screamin' and singing along like they have. Their performances are always organically tripping and the way they work their audiences is just uncannily masterful; experienced like Victoria is at bending Beckham, I reckon. The only possible nibbling at my heels is the tad bit too familiar repertoire at their gigs. But then again four gigs in a row ain't being too fair, p'haps? It'd be like accusing Phantom of the Opera for being too predictable after watching it all through its season at the box office. Guess it's a tough fight between heavily marketing their style and showcasing variety.

Their latest release, ROCK EP, had been riding and reigning the radio waves in my cavern, for the first 3 days, at least. And it got me crooning along to Cecelia, the first song on the EP. Whoever Cecelia is, she better be freakin' happy that she had me singing odes to her night after night! The rest of the EP is equally entertaining; especially You Cutty which just tickles me pink. Uplifting, without being tacky; sexy without being slutty; ultra rock that is friendly enough for even the most unforgiving of anti-rockers (not that anyone really gives a shit about 'em). Infectious beats, catchy lyrics and whole lotta love goin' on! Stand, up all you lovely people, and check out the cool guitar intro!! *Note: This EP would work better for those with gig experience.

With chart-topping mantras in their homeland to boot, they're now fast making a name for themselves in Melbourne, with Cecelia up for nominations on SynFM and many other charts. So, keep a lookout for this band for they are indeed a force to be reckoned with, and could possibly one day rattle the nerves of the Singaporean authorities with an "in your face"! Do join the ride, why don't you, and trot along now to one of their gigs to pick up their EP and be prepared to be rocked off your socks!

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