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19 Rocktober 2004 . The Straits Times
New name, new home, new success
The artists formerly known as Boredphucks are thriving in Australia.

Sherwin Loh
Media Reporter

THE SUNS are definitely shining brighter Down Under.

The acclaimed Singapore trio formerly known as the Boredphucks are now known as The SUNS, and they have found a new lease of life in Melbourne.

The name change is to better reflect their passion in pursuing a full-fledged music career.

The three members have performed 60 shows in the Australian city since they reformed in Febuary.

Though innocent-looking in print, the second half of their old moniker, Boredphucks, has the same pronunciation as a familiar expletive.

"We didn't want to shoot ourselves in the foot with our old name. We thought that it would be better to have something that can be said over the radio," said drummer Wayne Seah, aka Wayne Thunder, on the line from Melbourne yesterday.

Their music, which he says is now "more mature songs about love and unity", has been a hit with the crowds there. They even have had to reject a few gigs due to overbooking.

But the "very healthy music scene" there means that there will always be a place for them to sing every night, he adds.

"They sounds more diverse and have a lot of appeal to the Aussie pub-going culture," said Singaporean Jeremy Seow, 26, who caught a show by The SUNS in Melbourne.

"But they don't hold back and still infuse their music with humour. Sanjeev Veloo, the singer, still uses Hokkien in his songs."

The rock-punk outfit rose to fame in 1999 with their debut album, Banned In Da Singapura. The tile was a jab at the performance ban they received from the National Youth Council after they gave a profanity-ladenb performance at the Youth Park that year.

The band went on hiatus in February 2000 when Seah and Veloo pursued further studies in Australia while guitarist Justin Roy did his National Service. After obtaining a work visa, Roy went over in December last year and The SUNS were born.

While the trio are not planning to return home soon, plans are underwqay for a concert here with fellow Singaporean outfit Electrico next year.

Caption: The music of (from left) Justin Roy, Wayne Seah and Sanjeev Veloo is such a hit in Melbourne that the band has had to reject a few bookings.

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