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6 Rock 2004 . Inpress Magazine


What has been your band's proudest moment?

San (guitas/vocals): "When our single Zoe Tay was voted the Straits Times Song of the Year 1999. That's the equivalent of winning an ARIA here.

Wayne (drums): "When our song Ai Sio Kan Mai was voted the BigO #3 Singapore Song of All Time.

What is your band's greatest strength?
Wayne: "Our live show. There is no other band in Australia that entertains like The SUNS do."
San: "I think we write really fun rock anthems!"
JBoss: "Our diversity. We can cross-breed rock, reggae and punk seamlessly without sounding like a broken $5 discman."

If you could time travel back to any gig in history which would it be an why?
Wayne: "So many! Led Zep at Madison Square Garden, definitely any AC/DC show before 1980."
San: "Queen Live at Wembley, Guns 'n Roses in Tokyo, Any Beatles, Beach Boys or Hendrix show!"
JBoss: "Motley Crue with the original line-up!"

What movie do you think your movie would best accompany and why?
JBoss: "I know! Night Shift NursesI. Cos we're sek-say!"

What is your favorite song lyric and why?
Wayne: "'And in the end, the love you make is equaly to the love you make,' Pure musical, lyrical and poetic genius."

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