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15 September 2004 . Beat Magazine
Issue 928
Q & A: The SUNS

What's ya name then?

And what do you do?
We play a sweet blend of rock'n'roll, reggae and punk that gets the blokes crazy and the ladies wet!

When did you start doing that?
Way back in '95 in our home country of sunny Singapore. We've been titillating the bootiful people of Melbourne since February 2004.

When did you start doing that?
Cos we wanted to get the blokes crazy and the ladies wet!

Do you think you're good at doint that?
Face: No one drifts off into their own conversation at our shows; everyone pays full attention and by the time we finish, the blokes have gone mental and the ladies are all panting towards the toilets.

If you weren't doing that, what would you be doing?
Bugger all? It's never really crossed our minds.

What makes you unhappiest about what you're doing?
Nothing worth bitching about reall! You can complain too much when you're living your dream can you?

What's your proudest moment of doing what you do?
When we won The Straits Times Album of the Year Awards in 2000 - that's like the equivalent of The ARIAS back home. When our debut album outsolf Backstreet Boys, George Micheal and Korn in the first two weeks it was released, and when the ladies ask us to autograph their lovely bits.

And your least proud?
Probably messing up on stage which we try to avoid at all costs obviously.

When are you doing it next?
On Sept 15 at The Pony for an RMITV fundraiser, and Sept 16 at The Greyhound Hotel headlining PBSFM's No Frils Presents showcase!

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