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9 September 2004 . MX Newspaper

Singapore sling helps propel rockers' rise
by Megan Breen

Shock rockers The Suns haven't had to do much to earn their bad-boy reputation.

They haven't ripped any hotel rooms apart, thrown any TVs at journos, or ingested massive amount of illegal substances on week-long benders.

But they have offended the morally upstanding people of Singapore - to the point that they will never play a concert there again.

Nearly four years ago, lead guitarist San Singer dared to utter a Chinese word that had the custodians of decency reaching for their charge shetts quicker than Van Halen can rip of a blistering guitar solo.

He was charged with offending the decency of women and violating the Public Entertainment Act.

Not bad you may think, but the word if it could be translated into English, is apparently not that bad at all.

This one simple act set a series of events in motion that sees this three-piece outfit on its way to achieving a long-held dream of becoming a big arena band.

Think AC/DC, Kiss, Queen and the Ramones. The new generation has arrived.

"We were doing quite well in Singapore," Singer said.

"We had a couple of hits from our album and it was all looking good. Then they objected to us.

"But one good thing to happen... after the ban our stuff sold out immediately. Everyone wanted to get their hands on us."

Singer and fellow band members JBoss and Wayne Thunder took the band as only hardcore rockers can - they upped and left the country and are now unleashing their music on Melbourne.

To help other young bands get up and running they are supporting a fundraiser for Kickstart Productions (an RMITV initiative) with the aim of creating show reals and music clips.

Caption: Rockers with a bad attitude, The SUNS popularity is on the rise.

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