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1 June 2004 . Buzz Magazine

The SUNS Rise An Shine

Originally from Singapore and now based in Melbourne, The Suns are a three piece outfit who blend elements of rock'n'roll, reggae, punk and pop as well as just a hint of their ethnic sound to create a trully original sound.

The band draws influences from a wide range of artists. 'All three of us actually have very different influences, however there's just a few really big bands that all of us are influenced by,' explains drummer Wayne. They list such acts as Guns N'Roses, AC/DC and Bob Marley as some of the bands that have impacted on them greatly.

The bands backlog features a full length album, a few EP's and demo tapes as well as a couple of movie soundtrack credits. Having only been doing the rounds in Melbourne's live scene for a couple of months. The Suns have already chalked up quite a few gis at established venues such as The Tote, Laundry, Fin Bars as well as Planet Café. 'We took a couple of months to rehearse and practice and then we played our first gig in Febuary and since then we played about eighteen or nineteen shows,' says Wayne.

When playing live, The Suns are all about entertaining their audience. 'You can definitely expect entertainment - that's the bottom line! We go all out to establish a rapport with our audience right from the beginning. Personally for me, I would like us to be a band that I would like to go and see myself.' We're going to provide the best value for money that you can get, because we feel there's not enough bands like that out there.'

After having sacrificed everything for their craft, including leaving their homes and family in Singapore, as well as packing in their day jobs, the band is hopeful that they can take off in Melbourne and move onto bigger and brighter things. 'Longterm wise we're obviously looking to be as successful as we possibly can be. Short term wise, we just focus on the next show; just play your next show better then you did the last.'

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