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Wed 2 Nov
Metro (Sydney)
w Smithtown Riot, Levitikus

Thu 3 Nov
The Harp

Fri 4 Nov
Empire Hotel, Annandale (NSW)
w Casino Rumblers, Stepping Razor

Sat 5 Nov

Bizzo's, Caringbah (NSW)
w Smithtown Riot

Tue 8 Nov
The Spectrum, Darlinghurst (NSW)
w The Looks

Fri 11 Nov
The Marquee, Annandale (NSW)
with The QUEERS!

Fri 18 Nov

Empire Hotel, Annandale (NSW)
w Bagster, Lyrical Madmen, Kampei

Thu 24 Nov
Palm Court Hotel, Wollongong (NSW)
w Hytest, The Chargers

With their reputation now firmly established as one of Melbourne’s greatest live bands, The SUNS take rock’n’roll to a whole new level with the release of 2/20, the highly anticipated follow-up EP to 2004's ROCK (which sold over 1,300 copies from gig sales alone).

"The songs on 2/20 are a reflection of what we've been through over the past two years. It's two years condensed into 20 minutes of ass-kickin', booty-shakin', sweet lovin' and easy skankin' music straight from our hearts!" enthuses bassist JBoss.

Performing almost 200 shows in the last two years, The SUNS outrageous live shows are complete with miniature pyrotechnics, memorable songs and boisterous fun-loving audiences. Having shared the stage with artistes as acclaimed as The Spazzys, The Casanovas, Mach Pelican, The Vasco Era, The Basics, British India, Canada's Crowned King and rock legends Presidents of the USA, The SUNS are a band with truly universal appeal.

As drummer Wayne Thunder puts it, "We've pretty much covered the spectrum of our repertoire on 2/20. From the grand opening of Let's Make Love, to the politically-charged Under Control, our Aussie rock tribute Hot Lips, the punk retro-pop of Charlene and the easy-Sunday groove of Bootiful Day, these are all songs that have been tried, tested and approved live. With 2/20, there's something for everyone and everything for someone."

Continuing to wow audiences from across the country, the coming year promises an increased national profile for The SUNS as they look to spread their music and live show to the rest of Australia and Asia.

Says singer/guitarist San Singer, "We’ve toured with some of Australia’s finest bands and learnt so much about ourselves as musicians, bandmates and friends in the process. Now, I confidently say that The SUNS rock real hard! Sometimes juggling my office assistant job at Monash Uni with the demands of being in an independent band and trying to make a successful career outta this drives me insane. But our determination to make it has never been stronger. I can’t wait to bring 220 on tour so that we can rock you baby!"


1. Let's Make Love
2. Under Control
3. Hot Lips
4. Charlene
5. Bootiful Day

All songs written by Roy/Seah/Veloo.
Produced by The Suns.
Recorded, Mixed by Wayne Thunder & Rajiv Naidu in The SUNS bedroom studio.
Mastered by Martin Pullan at
Eden Sound.
Artwork by Sabrina Chan.
All songs © The Suns 2005

Over 1300 sold!

1. Cecelia
2. Rock With You
3. Put Your Arms
4. B4 U Go
5. You Curry

All songs written by Roy/Seah/Veloo.
Produced by The Suns.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Wayne Thunder in The SUNS bedroom studio.
Artwork by Mr Frumpy.
All songs © The Suns 2004-5