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Wed 2 Nov
Metro (Sydney)
w Smithtown Riot, Levitikus

Thu 3 Nov
The Harp

Fri 4 Nov
Empire Hotel, Annandale (NSW)
w Casino Rumblers, Stepping Razor

Sat 5 Nov

Bizzo's, Caringbah (NSW)
w Smithtown Riot

Tue 8 Nov
The Spectrum, Darlinghurst (NSW)
w The Looks

Fri 11 Nov
The Marquee, Annandale (NSW)
with The QUEERS!

Fri 18 Nov

Empire Hotel, Annandale (NSW)
w Bagster, Lyrical Madmen, Kampei

Thu 24 Nov
Palm Court Hotel, Wollongong (NSW)
w Hytest, The Chargers
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Wednesday . 12 May 2004
The Suns Make Love in Radio Australia Studio!

Melbourne - The Suns have been caught making love to bootiful Radio Australia DJs in the studios of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation building at Southbank.

"When you put three rockers alone in a studio with two bootiful women and phallic looking microphones, you can't expect us to discuss politics," explained Wayne.

The interview was broadcast on the Internet from the Radio Australia website.

Listen to the interview online by clicking here.

Sunday . 25 April 2004
The Suns Set Record Earnings at Laundry!

Melbourne - The Suns rocked Laundry so hard that they set a record for the highest earnings at the bar by a single band. And it's all thanks to the beloved fans who came down and got wasted.

"Last nights gig at the laundry kicked ass. I'm touched by all our friends who came down. I even got jiggy with the girls and managed to dapat a few babes," claimed Justin.

Monday. 1 March 2004
Here Comes Another &!%#ing Sun

Singapore - The Suns were interviewed by Phillip Cheah of BigO Magazine. BigO is Singapore's premiere rock magazine and the only independant publication in Singapore.
Wednesday . 12 May 2004

The SUNS first radio interview in Australia!

Listen to the interview on mp3

Sunday . 25 April 2004
The SUNS shatter the Laundry bar record!!
Monday . 1 March 2004
BigO Magazine is Singapore's only independant publlication. It Rocks!