Monday . 30 May 2005
Oi! Oi! It's ROOTS, BOOTS and TOOTS!

This Satuday 4 June, The SUNS will rock ROOTS, BOOTS and TOOTS - Melbourne's inaugural ska and rockabilly festival held at the Espy Front Bar & Gershwin Room (11 Upper Esplanade, St Kilda). Presented by the Esplanade Hotel and Honorary SUNRocker Mr. Bosma from Jackknife Music, Saturday's massive festival will feature Australian Ska legends Area7 (headliners), Commissioner Gordon, Bagster (Sydney), Mr Coffee, Casino Rumblers, Yidcore, The Vaginals, Tirany & The Gingers. Admission is Free. Doors open 8.30pm SUNRise 11.30pm (Espy Front Bar).

"Mate, this gig is going to be absolutely amazing. The Espy and Bosma have lined up the absolutetest finestest bands in Australia all at one show at the Espy! There's gonna be Ska & Rockabilly all night long and it's gonna rock! You'd really be boot kicking yourself if ya miss this one sial. Although we've been recording almost everyday and night now and we're zonked out and beginning to go crazy, we're still gonna put on an awesome awesome show for everyone cos this is a Ska show and Melbourne Ska we respect!" said San Singer.

But before The SUNS rock the Espy down to its knees they will be supporting Tiltmeter at The Tote (71 Johnston St, Collingwood) for a massive Under 18 show featuring Grand Fatal
, Bagster, The Gingers & Showcard as supports. $10 Entry. Doors open 12pm. SUNRise: 2pm.

"I'm looking forward to this show because I wanna play with The Gingers afterwards..." said JBoss.

The SUNS, British India & Spargo will be supporting the best singing band in Melbourne, The Basics at their EP launch at the Corner Hotel on Thursday 23 June! This will be the first time The SUNS are performing at Melbourne's most important live venue. It is a dream come true for us to play at the Corner. It'll be really fabulous if all ya SUNRockers can come along and share with us this pivotal moment in The Suns history! Pre-sale tickets at $10 can be purchased by emailing The Suns or by contacting JBoss at 0400 750 700. Doors open: 830 pm.

In other news, the tropical island of Singapura is starting to get so excited about what The SUNS are doing in Melbourne that Singapore's most imporant radio station Perfect Ten 98.7FM has started playing Cecelia from the Rock EP! Does this mean that Singapore might life the ban on The SUNS in the near future? Let us know what you think in the SUNS Forum. The SUNS producer, Rajiv "Rok Mekanik" Naidu & The SUNS crazy kat Robert Plant debut their first entries this week in the band diary! Be sure to read them bitch about The SUNS. As always, it would be really cool if ya could help us get onto TripleJ's regular rotation by voting for anyone of your favorite Suns anthem at Super Request or Net 50.

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