Wednesday . 25 May 2005
The SUNS begin work on their 2nd EP!

The SUNS are taking a two week break from live shows to begin work on their 2nd EP at their legendary Jingella Studios! The self-titled EP and followup to the now legendary ROCK CD (which has since sold 880 copies in Melbourne since its release in July 2004) is scheduled to be released in October 2005. Among the tracks on the EP will be SUNRocker anthems Under Control, Charlene, new never heard before songs, still unwritten songs, amazing live tracks and hopefully some crazy bootleg live footage!

"We've already finished recording Under Control and Charlene and we're just about to begin work on the other songs. It's been frustrating for us because we cannot afford to go into a pro studio like Sing Sing. So we decided to spend our band fund on upgrading some of Jingella's recording equipment. Wayne Thunder and Rajiv "Strings" Naidu (The SUNS live rock mechanic) are working together to try to push the sound barriers of Jingella Studios. I can guran-damm-tee you that this new EP is gonna sound a lot better than ROCK and it's gonna kick your ass all da way to Timbuktoo!" said San Singer.

The SUNS, British India & Spargo will be supporting the best singing band in Melbourne, The Basics at their EP launch at the Corner Hotel on Thursday 23 June! This will be the first time The SUNS are performing at Melbourne's most important live venue. It is a dream come true for us to play at the Corner. It'll be really fabulous if all ya SUNRockers can come along and share with us this pivotal moment in The Suns history! Pre-sale tickets at $10 can be purchased by emailing The Suns or by contacting JBoss at 0400 750 700. Doors open: 830 pm.

In other new, photos of The SUNS from the mega show at the University of Melbourne have just been uploaded. Make sure ya check em out in da photos page cos that gig was massive (35 CDs and 6 T-shirts sold!). Do you have any suggestions, constructive criticism, artwork ideas, cool shit etc. for the next SUNS EP? Let us know in the forum page. San Singer talks about his new computer in this weeks band diary. Ya know, it would really cool if you could help us hype up Under Control by voting for it at TripleJ's
Super Request or Net 50.

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