Wednesday . 18 May 2005
Sunrise in Geelong

This Saturday May 21, The SUNS take their explosive, punk/reggae-flavored balls-to-the-wall rock 'n' roll show on a road trip to The Barwon Club (509 Moorabool St, Geelong South) in Geelong. This is a rare and much-anticipated night featuring local heroes Chasing Butterfly, 26th Parallel and Tall Poppies. Don't miss this opportunity! Doors open: 9pm. SUNSrise at 10.30pm. $5 entry.

We don't get the opportunity to travel out of Melbourne very often so this will be a real treat! The boys from Chasing Butterfly, and of course the bootiful Dani have been working to make this happen for a while so we're really excited about this show. If you're based in Geelong, don't miss out cos it's hard to say when we'll be back!" said Wayne Thunder.

In other news, it's Matty Vaginal's 21st this week! The Vaginal's are a band that The SUNS love and admire. Read about his birthday in this week's entry in the band diary. The SUNS forum, which was recently down for upgrading has been re-opened! Be sure to drop by, join up and post a couple of messages. As always, it would be a great
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