Sunday . 1 May 2005
$1 pots + New Song at Laundry this Thursday

It's $1 pot (& $3 basics) night again at Laundry (55 Johnston St, Fitzroy). This Thursday's lineup features progressive funk/jazz rockers Artinem and the very sweet pop rock power of The Wellingtons, who recently packed The Rob Roy Hotel to absolute capacity for the launch of their impressive debut album "Keeping Up With...". We enjoyed both bands' CDs so it's a real treat to have them on the bill with us! As an added bonus The SUNS will be debuting a brand new song for their loyal SUNRockers!

"We're gonna be playing a song we've been working on for the last couple of weeks. It's a pretty technical song and it's one of our heaviest yet. We've only just learnt how to play the song cos they're all these hard bits. But we're ready to rock the song out this Thursday! We'd really appreciate your feedback and invite ya to join in da boozin' mayhem before, during and after da show," said San Singer.

In other news, The Suns apologise for their recent website fiasco. Apparently the Suns rockin' website got de-registered because The Suns have been so busy writing and rehearsing new material they did not renew their registration in time! Also in the band diary, San Singer talks about band's future plans. And you might wanna check out The SUNS forum, it's finally getting somewhere. Many new SUNRockers have joined up and now it's your turn to comeon and join da fun.

Hey did ya know that TripleJ actually played our songs a couple of times? Make them put our tunes on regular rotation by voting for anyone of your favorite Suns anthem at
Super Request or Net 50.

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