Tuesday . 26 April 2005
The SUNS to perform at ASOL Student Rally Festival this Thursday

The SUNS will be headline entertainment at the student rally festival held at the Treasury Gardens (Cnr Flinders & Spring St, CBD. Click here for directions) this Thursday 28 April at 5pm. The festival which marks the launch of the campaign against the Anti-Student Organisation Legislation (ASOL) will feature stand up comedians and Monash University band Origami opening up for The SUNS rock show!

( For more information about the ASOL, click here.)

"This is the first time we're performing at a protest. Back home in Singapura protests are practically unheard of cos you'd get into some serious shit! So this Thursday is gonna be a great first time experience for us. They're expecting hundreds and hundreds of students from all the universities in Victoria so it's gonna be massive. I've also been told that there will be a Chinese stand up comic before our set and apparently he's crazier than John Howard," said San Singer.

*Special Announcement*
The SUNS legendary photograph with their hardcore SUNRocker fans outside The Tote has been released for your viewing pleasure in The SUNS Forum. Go check it out!

In other news, JBoss has a go at his Shakespearean side, check out his poem in the band diary. There's a new discussion in The SUNS forum, we wanna know what are your favorite albums of all time. TripleJ don't know jack when it comes to good music, tell them how much The SUNS deserve to be played on national radio by voting for your favorite SUNS anthem at
Super Request or Net 50.

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