Tuesday . 19 April 2005
The SUNS Headline ESPY's ANZAC Day Celebrations & The Tote this weekend!!!

In what has to be the greatest honor and priviledge Melbourne Rock City has bestowed on us yet, The SUNS have been selected to headline The Esplanade's ANZAC Day celebrations this weekend! Organised by PBSFM, "ANZAC Day Anarchy" at The ESPY (11 Upper Esplanade, St Kilda) this Monday 25 April will kick off at 4pm and feature over 30 bands including Love Outside Andromeda, The Specimens, 1QA, Cockfight Shootout, Souls On Board & First Time Hookers! The SUNS will headline the Front Bar stage at 11.45pm playing a one hour super hot rock set in memory of the glorious ANZAC soliders! Door: $10 entry.

"We feel very honored to do this show cos ANZAC Day is one of the most important days in Australia. It's a day that honors the legendary ANZAC soldiers who were definitely the bravest and toughest soldiers the world has ever seen. We will be dedicating our set to all the great ANZAC soliders who lost their lives fighting for freedom in World War I," said San Singer.

This Saturday 23 April The SUNS earn their rightful headline slot at The Tote after almost 15 months of hard work! Featuring a super exciting rock lineup consisting of The Roys, The Gear, National Campus Band Comp regional winners The Looks (NSW) and Flynt, Saturday's show looks like it's gonna be packed so try to get there early. Doors Open: 8pm. The SUNS Showtime: 12 midnight. $8 Cover.

"Have ya seen The Tote wall? We're finally on it and we're really excited about it! We're definitely gonna take rock photos with our name and we'll need all of ya to come help us do some crazy poses after da show!" said San Singer.

The SUNS are excited to announce the lanch two new official SUNS Badges and that all girls and mens small & medium sized T-shirts have been restocked! Purchased the ultra cool badges at $2 and t-shirts for $20 at any of our amazing live shows while stocks last.

*Special Announcement*
New photos from SUNSFest 2005 taken by the lovely Chan sisters have been released! Check them out in our photos page coz the photos rock & ya might spot yourself in one of em!

In other news, Wayne Thunder's drumsticks get stolen in Mooroolbark! Read all about it in da band diary. More people are starting to write in The SUNS forum Some SUNRocker's are beginning to gossip about San Singer's extravagant lovelife. TripleJ is getting closer to discovering The SUNS. Help those bozos find us by taking some time out to vote for our song at Super Request or Net 50, you really can make a difference. We need ya support SUNSRockers, help us flood TripleJ until they go nuts and start playing some of our rock anthems!

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