Monday . 11 April 2005
The SUNS Return to The Tote

In the year since their last appearance at The Tote, The SUNS have become widely regarded as one of Melbourne's most entertaining, energizing and explosive live acts, drawing unparalleled attention from rapidly growing crowds across the city. Find out why on Saturday April 23 as The SUNS headline a bumper Tote lineup featuring The Roys, The Gear, National Campus Band Comp regional winners The Looks (NSW) and Flynt. Doors Open: 8pm. The SUNS Showtime: 12 midnight. $8 Cover.

"We've always done our best shows at The Tote cos it's one of those venues where we can actually here ourselves onstage, so that usually means we play better for YOU! Rajiv, our mixer also loves The Tote cos the Volume knob on the PA can go all the way up to 12!!! We're keeping our fingers crossed that The Tote will put THE SUNS name on their wall on Johnston St. If they do, it would be a landmark achievement for The SUNS. So ya'all must stick around after da show and help us pose for some great photos," said Sanjeev.

This Friday 15 April The SUNS travel all da way up to Mooroolbark to headline an all ages Freeza show at Mooroolbark Community Centre (Brice Ave, Mooroolbark) at 630pm. Supported by seven local bands - The Lonely Spacemen, Family Funk, Payoff, Circumsystem, Infinite Second, Freeaway and ASAPH, The SUNS will hit da stage at 10pm. $6 entry or $5 with pass.

Special Announcement
The SUNS lighting guy Krishna and Jimi (who supported The SUNS at Federation Square) will perform soulful and bootiful acoustic sets at First Floor (393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) this Wednesday 11 April at 9pm. Check them out cos they're top notch singer/songwriters!

In other news, Sanjeev joins Fitness First & Vox Singing School! Read all about it in da band diary. More people are starting to write in The SUNS forum! There's even this dude who calls himself SexGod. The bastard keeps bitching about The SUNS!!! If ya haven't already started participating, what ya waiting for lah? Start by telling him what a wanker he is! Eventually someday TripleJ will discover The SUNS... by taking some time out to vote for our song at Super Request or Net 50, you really can make a difference. We need ya support SUNSRockers, help us flood TripleJ until they go nuts and start playing some of our rock anthems!

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