Wednesday 6 April
It's da crazy $1 Pot Night again!

Just a quick reminder this week; it's $1 pot night with The SUNS at Laundry (55 Johnston St, Fitzroy) this Thursday 7 April 9m! Our monthly residency nights there are becoming progressively wilder as people are discovering that dirt cheap alcohol plus The SUNS equals maaad good times - just about the best bang for the buck on a Thursday night in Melbourne! Supporting The SUNS are punk rockers The Fray and Reset.

"Both bands are strong punk-flavored bands; the latter come highly recommended by the Laundry staff, while The Fray are good enough to have packed out The Evelyn Hotel for their CD launch some months ago. It looks like our strongest Laundry lineup to date as bands are realizing it's a great opportunity to get their music out to new (and usually very drunk) audiences!!!" said Wayne Thunder.

Perry Ho is one of The SUNS's best mates since da beginning. He also an extremely talented writer who's trying to make it, just like The SUNS. Read one of his short stories in The SUNS band diary this week!

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