Monday . 21 March 2005
The SUNS Weekend Headline at the ESPY!!!

This Easter season, in response to swelling public demand The SUNS make their long awaited return to The Espy Front Bar in St Kilda on Friday 1 April, headlining a massive FREE April Fools' Day weekend lineup featuring Live@Subs, Basil & The Basics. The SUNS Showtime: 12 midnight. Admission is Free.

"The Espy is my favourite pub in da whole universe. It's this huge club that only features rock bands, so you don't get any of that duff duff stuff going on... ever! The club overlooks the beach and it's full of the most bootiful and friendly rock chicks who really know how to rock'n'roll! And it's so cool that the cleaners and waiters are all from India. They're all my friends now and they all get really excited when we play there. I Represent da Indians lah! Anyway, it's gonna be a great night for sure cos we've lined up some fabulous bands. The Basics are like The Beatles, Basil's bass player Rachael is hotter than JBoss and the band gives out the happiest vibes and if ya into Sublime and Red Hot Chill Peppers, you're gonna love Live@Subs. One of my hot Indian sistas, Jaishri is celebrating her 21st on the night as well. It's gonna be a massive rock'n'roll party!" said San Singer.

This Tuesday arvo 22 March The SUNS will be rocking Monash University (Clayton campus, Menzies Building lawn) during lunchtime at 12 noon!

"It's gonna be a real treat playing at Monash Uni. We had an awesome time playing their Orientation night. The Monash crowd really knows how to let loose and even their entertainment bookers go crazy! I was told that every lunchtime you can find some club giving out free beers so that's definitely a bonus! I just hope we can wake up early enough to make da show" said San Singer.

Then on Saturday 26 March The SUNS support Soundgauge for their CD launch (Under 18s) at TLC Bayswater (265 Canterbury Rd, Bayswater) at 1pm. $8 entry.

Finally, on Easter Sunday 27 April, The SUNS will play the coveted 2am slot at Pony (68 Little Collins St, CBD). Join us for some serious late night piss and mayhem! Admission is free.

Last week San's parents were here in Melbourne Rock City to visit. Read all about San's parents in the diary! A couple of cool shots from SUNSFest have just been uploaded. Check them out in the photos page. Take some time to join The SUNS forum and help it take off cos nobody's writing! Do take a minute to vote for your favorite SUNS song on TripleJ's Net50 program (all the way down the bottom of the page) and Super Request, also vote for Cecelia on SYNFM's Hoist Top 10 here.


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