Tuesday . 8 March 2005
Mach Pelican & The SUNS to ROCK The Arthouse

Get ready for absolute mayhem this Friday 11 March as The SUNS return to The Arthouse (cnr Queensberry & Elizabeth St, Melbourne) with punk heroes Mach Pelican!!! Featuring strong supports Cheese Excursion, Angry Kid and sultry new girl trio The Gingers, doors open at 8pm, with The SUNS on stage at 11pm and Mach Pelican tearing it up at midnight. $8 entry.

"The Arthouse is a sentimental stomping ground for us. People always seem to go extra wild when we play there! In fact, it's on that very stage last year where Sasi, who's one of our more well-behaved crew, got possessed by the demon of Rok and flung himself off stage into the unsuspecting crowd during "Hot Lips". Ever since then, the ritual of err, self body-tossing has become somewhat of a common occurence at our shows!!" said Wayne Thunder.

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