Tuesday . 15 February 2005
Its da SUNSfest weekend!

Get ready for a super hot weekend cos SUNSFest 2005 is here! Held at one of Melbourne's largest rock clubs, the Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom (125 Swanston St, Melbourne), SUNSfest 2005 is set to rock Melbourne Rock City to its knees this Saturday 19 Feb. Doors Open 8pm. Tickets are priced at $10 pre-sale from bands or at $12 at the door. Tickets can be purchased from The SUNS by emailing thesuns@thesunsrock.com or calling 0403 130 986 or by ringing the Hi-Fi bar at 9654 7617. Tickets are selling fast so be sure to get yours quick!

"The HiFi has hosted so many great international and local bands in the past - NOFX, Machine Head, The Thrills, Blues Explosion, Dashboard Confessional, Powderfinger, Dallas Crane, Grinspoon, Snow Patrol, Keane and Regurgitator among others - and we're really honoured to have been invited to play on the same stage. We're going to enjoy every minute of it, as we always do, and put on the best show we can! Come ready to rock and bring spare undies cos its gonna be a wild party from start to finish!" said Wayne Thunder.

As an added bonus, SUNSRockers will be able to purchase the first OFFICIAL SUNS T-shirt at SUNSfest 2005! Designed by JBoss, the rockin' t-shirt is priced at only $20 and will be available in S, M, L & XL sizes for bootiful ladies and rocker guys!

The lineup for SUNSfest 2005 is as follows:

Sweet Revenge 08.30 - 09.00 pm
The Vaginals 09.20 - 09.50 pm
Twitch 10.10 - 10.40 pm
Sounds Like Chicken 11.00 - 11.30 pm
Streetkid Vandal 11.50 - 12.25 am
The SUNS 12.45am

The SUNS will also be making a special guest appearance on PBS 106.7FM this Wednesday 16 Feb 7pm during Claire Stuchbery's No Frills shows to talk about SUNSFest 2005 and a whole lot of other rock'n'roll stuff. So tune in and call in to join the fun!

Finally, The SUNS would like to wish all their bootiful lady fans a very Happy Valentine's Day!

"We had so many bootiful lady fans wanting to spend Valentine's Day with us we couldn't decide who to spend it with! So we figured, hey we'll just rock all these bootiful ladies all at once at SUNSfest 2005! That way they won't get jealous," explained San Singer.

In other news, you can read about The SUNS crazy BBQ party in JBoss's entry in the band diary.

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