Sunday . 6 February 2005
2 weeks to SUNSfest!

There's only two weeks left to the highly anticipated SUNS Reunion at SUNSFest 2005!
Held at the Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom (125 Swanston St, Melbourne), Saturday 19 Feb 8pm will be the biggest SUNS show in Melbourne to date. SUNSfest will also showcase the talents of Streetkid Vandal, Sounds Like Chicken, Twitch, Vaginals & Sweet Revenge! Pre-sale tickets at $10 have already been selling fast and are available from the bands or at Hi-Fi bar's box office. Tickets will also available on the night for $12 at the door. To buy tickets from The SUNS please call 0403 130 986 or email

"SUNSFest 2005 at The HiFi Bar on Saturday Feb 19 will be the culmination of all our hard work last year, and also a celebration of our success in getting JBoss back on his new VISA. It's a fantastic honour that we were invited to play on the same stage where so many international touring bands have played! But SUNSFest 2005 isn't just about The SUNS. We've spent a lot of thought and time into securing a great lineup on the night, and it's just as much our show as it is us presenting five other fantastic bands who will give you much more than your money's worth of rockin' live music and entertainment. For only $1.67 per band, you'd practically be ripping us off! It's great to be back," said Wayne Thunder.

The SUNS will be playing a special 'warm-up' show at Laundry this Thursday 10 Feb 9pm with prog-rock shredders The Five Venoms and exciting new all-girl trio The Gingers. Come check it out, it's $1 pots and bubbly on the night plus your best chance to get your SUNSFest 2005 tickets directly from us while they last. $4 Door Charge.

In other news, Wayne Thunder celebrates Chinese New Year this Thursday. Wish him a Happy Chinese New Year in the SUNS forum. Read about The SUNS tour of Sydney and the crazy Under-18 show at the Tote last Saturday in the band diary.

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