Friday. 24 December 2004

The SUNS would love to wish all SUNROCKERS across da universe a Merry Rockin' X'MAS and an extra Happy New Year!

"I hope that the festive season finds you and your family in great spirits and that Jesus da man, showers you with many blessings. Here's a toast to your extra good fortune for the year ahead. We'll be rockin' with ya soon!" Sunny.

"The holiday season gives us a chance to close off the year on a high note with loved ones, family and friends! My family's back home in Singapore so I'll be making the best of it with the good friends I have here. Here's wishing everyone a fabulous Christmas and New Year, and an even more exciting and fulfilling year ahead. See ya in 2005!!!" Wayne Thunder.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Rockin' X'mas!" Santa JBoss.

In other news, JBoss is still unable to confirm his flight back to Melbourne. With the holiday season it's hard to get on an affordable flight cos everything is fully booked and overpriced! Finger's crossed and he will be back in January just in time for a tour of New South Wales!

Speaking about fully booked, the SUNS announced that they are now booked out for March. That means that Melbourne's hottest band has already been booked out for Jan, Feb and Mar 2005. And it isn't even 2005 yet!

Read about what JBoss has to say about life in Singapore after being away for a year in the band diary. And do remember to write in the SUNS forum. It's just starting to buzz so comeon, let's make it the most rockin' forum in Melbourne Rock City!

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