Wednesday . 15 December 2004
The SUNS almost fully booked for Jan & Feb!

Although JBoss is back in Singapore and The SUNS have taken a break from gigging to sort out JBoss's new visa application, da super-hot band is already almost fully booked for shows in January and Febuary at some of Melbourne Rock City's largest live venues!

"We're happy to anounce that The SUNS have been invited to play some of the biggest rooms in Melbourne headlining our own shows and supporting some of Melbourne's biggest bands! We're not going to announce any of specific details of our shows lined up for Jan & Feb just yet because we're still waiting for JBoss to confirm his return flight to Melbourne. As soon as that's locked in, we'll announce all da details with a couple of rockin' suprises! We're now in the midst of planning a massive reunion show with some of the hottest bands in Melbourne at one of the cities largest rock venues. It's gonna be a fabulous year ahead for SUNRockers and we're gonna blast of 2005 with a big bang," said San Singer.

Are there any Melbourne bands that YOU would like to see sharing the stage with The SUNS at their reunion show? Let us know your choices in the forum.

The SUNS also announced that they are going on their first national tour of Australia in January.

"San and I are very excited about our first ever national tour in summer! This will be the first time we get to travel outside Melbourne and how good is it to combine a rockin' holiday with a tour! Already we're wondering how the bootiful ladies of the different cities will react to us. Will they welcome us with open arms (and legs?) like the bootiful ladies of Melbourne Rock City?" wondered Wayne Thunder.

Did you miss out on The SUNS sold out show at Revolver where 250 SUNRockers packed out the club right to the cages with stage diving, body surfing, moshing and singing louder than San Singer? Well ya can still read Neil Wedd's review of the LEGENDARY show here.

In other news, you can read about Wayne Thunder's first free weekend in ages in the band diary. Come on in and join the fun in the forum page, help us get it going by sharing ya thoughts on anything under the SUNS!

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