Monday . 6 December 2004

Last Thursday, The SUNS played the greatest show of their lives at a packed out Revolver Indie Intiative! 250 SUNRockers, stage diving, body surfing, moshing, singing louder than San Singer. It was a night full of emotions, tears and joy. A night that the band and all SUNRockers will remember for the rest of their lives. Read Neil Wedd's review of the LEGENDARY show here or write your own review of the show in The SUNS Forum page.

"We've played 70 shows since Febuary at almost every venue in Melbourne. But last Thursday's show at Revolver we rate as the best of our lives! It was very touching for us to see all da SUNRockers in full force! We played our hearts out for all of you. Playing for the great people of Melbourne Rock City has been one of the greatest honors and priveledges that The SUNS have ever had! Melbourne Fuckin' Rocks and we love you!" said San Singer.

On Sunday, The SUNS and close friends sent JBoss off at Melbourne International Airport. He is now in Singapore spending X'mas with his family. Fortunately, potential sponsors have approached The SUNS pledging their help and support. If things go according to plan and JBoss's visa application is approved by the Department of Immigration, The SUNS might be back as early as January 2005 to rock you all over again!

"I know many of you are worried about JBoss's situation. The good news is this. We've been approached by a couple of potential sponsors already. Right now we're in the process of sorting out an entertainment visa application with the most suitable sponsor. A lot of people from the Melbourne rock music industry are helping us out with the application. It's a long and complicated process and it's gonna cost The SUNS a shit load of money so we only have one shot at this. We need to get his visa approved for one year so we're gonna take some time to put together a strong application for him. Getting JBoss back for a couple of weeks each time is no problem. But that's gonna make us more broke than the moon. We need to get him to stay here for a longer period and that's the hard part. Finger's crossed and with the Rock God's grace, JBoss will be back in January for one entire year. An extra year is all we need right now. We might get picked up by a label within that year!" said San Singer.

In other news, The SUNS have released photos of their other legendary shows at the Arthouse and Old Bar! Be sure to check them out in the photos page. Read about what San Singer has to say about his inspired day of practising guitar in the band diary.


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