Sunday . 28 November 2004
The SUNS Farewell Show!!!

The SUNS headline at what could possibly be their last show ever in Australia this Thursday 2 December at Revolver Upstairs (229 Chapel St, Prahran) for the highly coveted Indie Initiative series of showcase gigs with Push Button Auto and Flynt as rockin supports. Doors Open 9pm. The SUNS Showtime: 10.45pm. Free Entry. This show will be streamed live on the web. Watch The SUNS rock Melbourne in their full glory by clicking here (7.45pm Singapore time). For all SunRockers, this will be the best show ever! For all bands, this will be a great chance to meet music industry people!

"JBoss is leaving the country on 4 December because his Entertainment Visa is expiring. In order to bring him back, we urgently need to find a business sponsor. Ideally, this sponsor could be either a professional band manager, a booking agent, a publicist or a record label. The sponsor needs to have a registered business that has been in operation for at least two years, be of good financial standing and have a respectable reputation within the music industry. The sponsor must also have genuine plans to promote The SUNS in Australia. As soon as we can find a suitable sponsor, we can definitely get JBoss back for on a business visa for up to four years! I know many of you are worried and sad that this might be our last show in Australia. We are trying our best to get JBoss's visa situation sorted out but the truth is, we still have not found a concrete sponsor!

"The SUNS have been working very hard. In the last ten months we have rocked almost 70 shows at all the respected live venues in Melbourne, sold 600 CDs from our live shows alone! We've headlined at the Espy, performed live to air on PBS radio and got to know many, many bootiful Australian women. When we started out we didn't have anyone except our close friends to invite for our shows. The last couple of shows we've done, we've been pulling over 150 people consecutively. At the Arthouse and Public Bar it was body surfing mayhem! At the Old Bar we packed it out like sardines you couldn't even walk!

"The SUNS are not the type of blokes to blow their own horns, but there simply isn't another band in Australia that we know that is; unsigned, has no professional manager, has no powerful connections in the music industry that has achieved what The SUNS has done in just ten months of playing shows! That's gotta be an indication of a fucking hardworking, dedicated and talented band that is worth signing!

"I hope that This Thursday's show at the Revolver will not be our last. But it is going to be our most important show ever in Australia! It is organised by Neil Wedd, a real big shot in the music industry here. He books bands into the high profile support slots for acts like The Living End, Grinspoon and even for the Big Day Out Festival. He's going to be there to watch The SUNS play for the first time. We are inviting people from Beat and Inpress Magazine, PBS Radio, Infidelity Records (Datsuns's label) and all the bands we've played with including Spazzys, Mach Pelican, Vasco Era & Sounds Like Chicken. We need all your support to come down and pack Revolver out like a sold out ROCK show! It's Free Entry, It's Uni Night (that means cheap drinks) and it might be our last show EVER in Australia. If we bring over 200 people and rock Revolver until it explodes, a lot of industry people are going to take notice and we might meet someone there who could be in a position to help us out! It all depends on how many people we can bring and that's the bottom line."

"It worries us what the future of The SUNS might be. But all we can say is that it's in the hands of da universe. The only thing that is in our control now is this last show. We want to make it our BEST EVER show in Australia. The SUNS urge all of you SunRockers out there to come on down to Revolver this Thursday night. Help us feed off your great energy to give you the best show of our lives!" said Sunny Singer.

In other news, you can read JBoss's touching words in the band diary. B4 We go, we'd just wanna say to all of ya,

"THE SUNS LOVE YOU MELBOURNE! Thanks for believing in our music!"

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