Monday . 22 November 2004
The SUNS, Mach Pelican & Mr Coffee get ready to ROCK the Old Bar!

Super Sexy reggae rockers The SUNS, legendary Japanese punk band Mach Pelican & Melbourne Ska Giants Mr Coffee team up and get ready to rock YOU for a MASSIVE ROCK SHOW this Friday 26 November at Old Bar (74 Johnston St, Fitzroy) Doors open: 9pm. The SUNS Showtime: 10pm. $5 Entry.

"This show's definitely gonna be one of our biggest yet. We're playing with two huge bands and together we're gonna bring da house down in the name of ROCK so get ready for a super hot night. That means all ya bootiful ladies should come to the show wearing less! We'd also like ta advise everyone to get their early cos it's gonna be packed out!" exclaimed San Singer.

Leading up to the MASSIVE ROCK SHOW, The SUNS make a special appearance on 90.7 SYNFM's Mango Scene radio show this Tuesday 23 November at 12 noon. Tune in to the rockin' show to hear the exclusive debut of The SUNS new reggae/rock anthem UNDER CONTROL!

"Mango Scene is hosted by our good mates Tim and Chris. They've been great supporters of The SUNS since the early days and we're delighted to be on their program! We're going to use this opportunity to sneak preview Under Control, which was initially recorded to be released as a single. Unfortunately, due to JBoss's visa situation, we decided to hold off on those plans until he gets back. So this might be your only chance to hear the song until it's officially released, which is gonna be God knows when!" said Wayne Thunder.

Then on Saturday, The SUNS headline their debut appearance at the Belgravia Hotel (238 Nicholson St, Footscray) with City On Fire & Don't Ask Us as supports. Doors Open: 9pm. The SUNS Showtime: 10.30pm $5 Entry.

"Belgravia is a newly renovated venue just beside Victoria university that looks and sounds fabulous. The band room excites us cos they've got these huge ass speakers that me and JBoss plan to stand on and do cool rock poses. Being just a stones throw from Victoria Uni, it's go that uni vibe going as well. We feel pressured to draw a crowd to Footscray this Saturday. So as an incentive we're gonna be giving out our massive beer rider to all ya punters that come down to help us rock Footscray with an affirmative stomp!" said San Singer.

On Wednesday 24 November, The SUNS travel to the Port of Echuca Inn to perform at a private function of Australian University entertainment bookers. What a great chance for The SUNS to make an impact on the Australian university gig scene!

"This is our first time performing at a national industry function and they're gonna treat us like rockstars! They're not paying us anything at all, but the hotel is giving us a suite and paying for food and booze! We're all planning to take a dip in the hot tub with some bootiful girls from the Port of Echuca. It really feels like money for nothing and the chicks for free! Except for us the money no enough!" joked JBoss.

In other news, The SUNS have launched their new online forum called the BEACH HOUSE. A massive house warming party celebration is on and you have been invited to join da fun!

"We've noticed that many of ya have started to use our guestbook to have discussions about The SUNS so to kinda make things more fun, we're opening up an online Beach House forum. Take some time out to register and post some threads cos you stand to win free entry to our gigs or even a VIP pass! You can also send us a photo of yourself and I'll personally put it up on your profile. You'll then be able to see your photo beside each post. How cool is that? We want our fans to make friends with each other. We want a build community of sunrockers. Let's start putting our arms around each other online!" said San Singer.

Finally, Wayne expresses his thanks for your heartfelt support at his birthday show at Public Bar last Saturday. Read his touching words in the band diary.

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