Monday . 8 November 2004
The SunS Play 4 Gigs This Week!

Melbourne's funnest rock band The SunS play four rocking shows this week, blasting off with a highly anticipated headline show at the legendary punk venue, The Arthouse (Cnr Elizabeth St n Queensberry St, Melbourne) this Thursday 11 Nov. The night will feature strong support from Bombshells (Dirty Rock), The Urviles (Surf Punk) and The Vaginals (Ska). Doors Open 8.30pm The SunS showtime 11pm. $5 cover.

"This show is gonna be a real treat for all ya punters cos we've got great bands lined up all night. We hand picked the bands and they all have got The SunS stamp of approval. Some of ya Mach Pelican fans might wanna check out Bombshells. That's Toshi's (Mach Pelican's drummer) side project band with Krusty (the rocking bartender from The Tote). JBoss and I saw their show at the Tote a couple of weeks ago and they rocked the house! It's gonna be great to share the stage with them this Thursday. We always love playing at the Arthouse cos the sound there is awesome and the house PA goes really loud!" said Sanny.

Following that, The SunS play the Public Office (100 Adderly St, West Melbourne) on Friday 12 November for the launch of the website of Polyglot, an Australian organisation dedicated to uniting university students from different backgrounds and cultures. The night will showcase musical diversity with bands such as Permanent Flux, Tumbarumba (African Percussion), Diafrix and Uber Lingua. Doors Open: 8pm The SunS showtime: 10pm. $10 Cover.

Then on Saturday 13 November The SunS support their mates from Metal/Ska band Sounds Like Chicken and punk band Wishful Thinking at a double CD Launch show at TLC (265 Canterbury Rd, Bayswater). Sponsored by Boomtown Records and presented by Wildflower Music, the festival-vibe show will also feature great rock, punk and ska bands such as Drop Elbow, Chasing Butterfly, Second The Day, Know Exit & Angelas Dish (NSW). This is an all ages, drug and alcohol free event. Doors Open: 6.30pm The SunS showtime: 7.30pm. $10 Entry.

Immediately after their show at TLC, the hardworking boys will speed off in the SunSBus to the Robin Hood Tavern (506 Nepean Highway, Frankston) for a bootiful rock show with the lovely lady rockers, Almaboobies , Menace (these boys are only 14!) and House of Chords. Doors Open: 8.30 pm. The SunS showtime: 12 midnight. $5 cover.

"We're all extremely excited about the show in Frankston. First of all, it's cos we get to see the lovely British lady rockers Almaboobies again becos they are so bootiful and their music rocks our nuts! It's also gonna be our first show way out in the Frankston suburb. Apparently the Robin Hood Tavern is one of the only live venues in that area and its always packed on the weekends with drunk Frankston folk. It's gonna be a great oppurtunity for us to win over the Frankston crowd" said Wayne Thunder.

Following the four rockin shows this week, The SunS have officially declared Sunday 14 November as ladies day holiday.

"This is to ensure that all the ladies that we are going to accumulate over the four shows this week get the necessary tender, loving care that they deserve" explained JBoss.

In other news, The SunS have released photos from their massive show at Federation Square last Saturday night (photos right). Cool shots from the last two shows at the legendary Esplanade have also been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you check out all the sexy & rockin' pics in the photos page cos you might be in it! In other news, you can read what JBoss had to say about the miracle at the Federation Square show in this week's entry in the band diary.

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