Sunday . 17 Rocktober 2004
The SunS Headline ESPY!!!

Following their amazing live-to-air performance on PBSFM last week, The SunS set another milestone in their rock career as they headline Melbourne's Best Live Venue, the Esplanade Hotel (11 Upper Esplanade, St Kilda) this Thursday 21 Rocktober with Blue Swimmers and Boy Dot Com as supports. The SunS will also be launching and distributing their first official free sticker (photo right) at the show!Doors Open 9pm. The SunS Showtime 11pm. Free Entry.

"This is our fourth show at the Espy front bar in three months! And we feel extremely honored that Espy has rewarded our hardwork with a Headline show. Although the pressure is on for us to pull an even bigger crowd than before, it's a great oppurtunity to show the Melbourne rock scene what The SunS can do! If we rock the Espy to its knees and make more ladies wet, we're definitely gonna move up another rung on the Espy ladder. We might be getting into weekend support slots for big bands if this Thursday goes off! Oh, and we're also launching our first official sticker and ya really don't wanna miss out on that!" said San Singer.

On Friday 22 Roctober, The SunS will be supporting Melbourne Tribal Ska Legends, Sounds Like Chicken for their highly anticipated Like A Cannonball To The Ocean Floor CD launch at Pony (68 Little Collins St, Melbourne). The night will also play host to great punk, ska and rock bands such as The Vaginals, Pixelated and Sums. The SunS showtime 11pm. $5 Entry.

"We're really excited about the Sounds Like Chicken CD launch. These guys are reputed to be one of Australia's hardest working bands and they have even toured with Reel Big Fish from USA! We had such a great time playing with Ska bands at the Greenroom for Bosma's show. This one's definitely gonna be just as fun. You can always expect to have a great time at a ska show, especially when all the ska ladies are so bootiful!" said San Singer.

In other news, The SunS lighting designer, the very handsome and soulful Krishna James will be performing an acoustic set of his orginal tunes at Planet Cafe this Tuesday 19 October at 7pm. The SunS would love to invite all of ya for the show and some drinks afterwards. You can read about the fight that broke out at our Townhall Hotel Show in Jboss entry in the band diary.


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