Monday . 26 September 2004
The SunS Return to The Espy!

It's da school holidays and having just celebrated the 2nd month anniversary of the ROCK EP, The SunS fittingly return to rock The Espy front bar this Thursday Sept 30 at 9pm supporting Brit rockers Her Majesty's Finest. The show will mark The SunS third appearance at the legendary rock venue in three months. Be there to witness Australia's most fun-loving, entertaining party rock band bring the house down yet again. Admission is Free.

"We were actually planning to spend some time in the studio to record some new songs this week. But Gavan from the Espy gave us a call and how could The SunS ever refuse the Espy. It is Melbourne City's live music mecca and one of our favourite venues here. The Espy likes having The SunS because we put on a fun rock show and bring a very colourful crowd that knows how to rock," said J Boss.

The SunS always spend time partying with their wonderful crowd after the show. Here's a collection of funny things some of ya have been telling us.

"The SunS f**cking ROCK! They are the only band in Melbourne where you can go for their show and end up making out with a chick!"

"If the music doesn't work out, you should be comedy writers. You guys are hilarious!"

"I love The SunS, they have so much mojo..."

"You wanna come home with me baby?"

The SunS have also recovered a tremendous hangover from non-stop partying over the last two weeks during San Singer's birthday, Electrico's tour stopover in Melbourne and The SunS crew members Krishna (lighting), Sasi (security) & Chris's (bodyguard) house warming party and are ever ready to rock harder! The SunS have a month of great gigs lined up for ya in October. You can read J Boss's closing entry for September in da band diary.

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