Tuesday . 21 September 2004
The SunS Relight Old Colonial

This Friday 24 September marks the 2nd month anniversary of The SunS ROCK EP which has since sold 400 copies! To celebrate the occasion The SunS will be rocking the Old Colonial Hotel (127 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) at 930 pm. The night will also mark the joyous return of rock music to the legendary venue. Admission is Free!

"It's great that live music is finally gonna be back at the Old Colonial. That joint really lives and breathes rock'n'roll. When the venue got into some problems with noise levels crap they had to shut down gigs for a while and that upset the rockers of Fitzroy. But now rock is back and everyone's getting ready to rock harder than before! We feel honored to be one of first bands asked to relight the rock'n'roll flames of the legendary venue," said San Singer.

The Suns have announced that they will be entering the School of Audio Engineering studios this week to record their rebel reggae anthem Under Control for a tentative CD single release.

"The newly renovated SAE studios rock! The bootiful producer Neema from New Zealand got us the gig after we blew her away at our Greyhound show. We're hoping that recording at SAE studios will improve our recorded sound and help get Under Control onto da airwaves of Australia this summer!" explained Wayne Thunder.

In other news, The SunS would like to tell everybody about a fabulous Singapore band called Electrico who's touring Australia right now! Let's show them our love by checking out their website and experiencing their rocking music! Ya can read about The SunS hectic partying this week in Wayne's entry in the band diary.

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