Monday . 13 September 2004
The SunS Headline PBSFM Gig on San Singer's Birthday!

The SunS will be headlining a massive PBSFM No Frills gig at Greyhound Hotel (Cnr Brighton Rd and Carlise St, St Kilda) this Thursday 16 September with First Time Hookers & Basil. Doors open at 9 pm Free.

"The show was organised by Melbourne coolest Rock Radio Station, PBSFM. And it's an honor for us to be selected as the headliner. We promise you it's going to be a huge night of great rock. After the show, we'll be partying way into my birthday which falls on the stroke of midnight and I'd love to invite all of ya to come on down get wasted with The SunS. Help us show PBSFM the power of The SunS in its full family glory. Drinks and kisses are also gonna be on me (but only after midnight)!" exclaimed an excited San Singer.

The SunS will also headline a fundraiser with Walken at Pony this Wednesday 15 September 9pm. Tickets are priced at $8 at the door or $7 pre-sale. Organised by RMITV, the show will help raise money for Kickstart Productions who will be taping The SunS set at Pony for a live DVD!

"Tricia, the bootiful womaan from the RMITV organizing committee, heard of us through the grapevine and approached us with the idea some months ago. The money raised from the night will be used to get Kickstart Productions up and running, which aims to produce showreels for unsigned bands. It's a tremendous initiative on their part and we're honoured that they chose us as their pilot project. We'd like to invite everyone who wants to be in our live DVD to come down and go crazy for the cameras!" said Wayne Thunder.

Have you heard? Cecelia has debut-ted at No. 4 on the SYNFM Hoist Charts ahead of Missy Higgins! But only you can help us reach Number 1. Register your important vote by clicking here and selecting The SunS-Cecelia from da list!

Did ya read The SunS feature article in Melbourne's Hottest Commuter Daily MX on Thursday? Ya can read a scanned version of the article here.

In other news, The SunS have confirmed rumours that they are zeroing in on a band van purchase and might even have the van available for their Greyhound show! You can read San Singer's birthday invitation to you in the band diary.

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