Monday . 6 September 2004
Help Save Unearthed Night at Finbars!

The SunS will be doing their part to help save the 'Unearthed' Night at Finbars (329 New St, Brighton) this Thursday 9 September at 10 pm with acoustic rocker Matt Walters and industrial pop band Where Echoes End. No cover.

"This week we're returning to Finbars, a place quite special to us being one of the first venues to believe in The SunS. Word is, their Unearthed series of gigs almost got canned by ownership a few weeks ago so it's up to us and everyone to show their support for live original music by turning up this Thursday at Finbars. Or else, it's back to crappy karaoke nights and even worse cover bands!" said Wayne Thunder.

"We're really looking forward to giving them a fantastic show this Thursday but we really need ya support as well. Finbars is like an undiscovered gem in da live scene here! They are one of Brighton's brightest entertainment venues and they rock! We love all da staff there and everyone at the pub is extremely supportive of bands! They have great food as well, so you might wanna come down early to load up on the great parmas and Irish beer, then rock with us later through da night. It's also pretty close to da romantic Brighton beach for all ya lovers that wanna get jiggy after our rock show!" said San Singer.

The SunS also announced today that they will be returning to the legendary Jingella Studios soon to record their second EP!

"We're close to securing some equipment upgrades for the coming recording and if all goes well the EP should be ready for a summer time release. We haven't confirmed the track listing yet but I can assure everyone that it'll be hotter and harder than ROCK," said Wayne Thunder.

The SunS have also invited all their fans to visit TripleJ's NET50 site to vote The SunS into TripleJ rotation. Visit the website by clicking here and fill up ya details right at the bottom of da page.

"The key to getting millions and millions of people down to our shows is to get a song the radio. You can do ya part and vote for us on Net50. Help us convince TripleJ that The SunS are worth being on radio! You will not be forgotten when we are famous!" exclaimed JBoss.

In other news, you can read about The SunS ongoing quest to find the right band van in this weeks entry in da band diary.


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