Monday . 30 August 2004
The SunS rise at The VIC & Pony

The SunS will be rising for the first time at two city venues over the weekend with a hardcore punk gig on Friday 3 September at The Vic (380 Victoria St, Brunswick) at 930pm $5 with friends The Joes & Problem, and a fun rock show on Sunday 5 September at Pony (68 Little Collins St, Melbourne) at 9pm $3 with rockers The Threads and bootiful lady rockers (photo right), The Almaboobies.

"These weekend's shows are gonna be slightly different from each other. Friday's show is gonna be a hardcore punk show so we're gonna rock out only our heavy stuff. Sunday's show is gonna have more of a fun vibe cos we're playing with a great rock band The Threads and the bootiful ladies from The Almaboobies. So if ya wanna headbang, mosh and bodysurf, come for the Friday gig and if ya wanna get jiggy on the dancefloor then come on Sunday. But if ya wanna sleep with any of the band 'members' you gotta come for both shows baby!" exclaimed San Singer.

The SunS have also confirmed rumours that they came in second in the National Campus Band (Melb Uni Finals) Competition after losing out to a great blues rock band that truly deserved to win - Vasco Era.

"We understand that many of you were disappointed with the results of the campus band competition. Over 50 of you turned up on short notice and we played our hearts out for you. All that mattered to us was that we were winners in your hearts. The SunS always look on the bright side and we have reason to rejoice lah. Out of all the bands that took part, The SunS were the only band that was invited back to the Evelyn to perform. The management and the bootiful lady staff definitely want us for a couple of shows at the Evelyn soon," said San Singer.

In other news, Wayne Thunder has placed his drum head which exploded at the now legendary Public Bar gig with Mach Pelican for online auction here. But don't get so carried away bidding your life savings away that forget to share your love in da family page. Keep telling us your t-shirt sizes in our t-shirt size poll in the merchandise page. Ya can read about Wayne's review of the last Saturday's legendary gig with Mach Pelican in the band diary.

The Almaboobies are so hot, they might even sunburn The SunS at da Pony this Sunday night!

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