Sunday . 22 August 2004
National Campus Band Comp (Melb Uni Finals) & Da Super Hot Gig with Mach Pelican!

The Suns will be rockin the National Campus Band Competition (Melb Uni Finals) at the Evelyn Hotel (351 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) this Wednesday 25 Aug 930 pm $4.

A huge portion of the judging criteria is audience response and The Suns ask ALL their loyal family to come down and go crazy!!! The Suns stand to win 12 hours of recording time in a professional studio, a brand new 16 channel mixer and a chance to represent the University of Melbourne in the Victoria State finals held at the legendary CORNER HOTEL!

"This is like Australian Idol for bands. We've seen some of the other bands shortlisted for the final and they all ROCK. They're lotsa pro bands in the competition and it's gonna be close battle. But we're aiming to win cos we could use the studio time to record our next EP. We're gonna give this our best shot," said San Singer.

The Suns will also be rocking with punk rock legends Mach Pelican at the Public Bar (238 Victoria St, N. Melbourne) this Saturday 28 Aug 930 pm $8.

"Mach Pelican is a band that The Suns really admire and look up to. We met them after one of their sell-out shows at The Tote. They're like the coolest punk rockers you'll ever meet! I mean, these guys play infront of 10,000 people in Taiwan but like the true punks that they are, they're still ever willing to help up and coming bands like us. It's truly our honor to share the stage with the mighty Mach Pelicans. They are my favorite band in Melbourne and one of the best bands I've ever seen!" said San Singer.

The super hot show with Mach Pelican also promises to be a night of joyous celebration as San Singer celebrates the completion of his Bachelor of Rock at the University of Melbourne. As an added incentive, the first 50 rockers who turn up at the Public Bar will receive a strictly limited & numbered edition copy of a Bachelor of Rock degree from The Suns University.

"I'm gonna be throwing a huge after party celebration and I'm inviting all of you lovely people to come down and rock with me baby!" mentioned San Singer.

In other news, The Suns have announced that they will be printing their T-shirt in different colors to cater to all their colorful fans. Unfortunately, the T-shirt price will have to be raised to $20. A new design for the T-shirt incorporating all your great suggestions will be up soon. It would be helpful if ya could tell us your T-shirt size in our new merchandise poll! You can read about San Singer's thoughts on band competitions in the band diary.

San Singer at Dream Nightclub

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