The Suns debut E.P. sold out in an hour after their amazing performance at the Espy on Saturday.

"We played to a fullhouse at the Espy. And judging from the crazy crowd and encouraging sales, we definitely managed to rock the joint. There was a bit of confusion after our set cos everyone was rushing to the front to get our E.P. while we were still getting our equipment off stage. But our live crew did a wonderful job keeping things under control. We made a lot of important contacts after the gig and got to chill out with a whole bunch of bootiful ladies backstage after the show," said San.

Here's what some people had to say about The Suns performance at the Espy on Saturday (photos on right).

"The Suns are one of the most fun bands that I've seen in my two years working at the Espy. They have a very colorful crowd. Nobody was buying drinks while The Suns were performing because everyone was getting into the show. But after The Suns finished, the bar was extremely busy," said Ashok, bartender at the Espy.

"I have never seen an opening act at the Espy which performed as if they were the headline band. The Suns had the crowd singing along to their songs at nine thirty. That's way before the time that people usually get drunk,
" said Lex.

"This was the first time I've seen The Suns and it was unreal. I noticed the band had so many groupies," said Anna.

The Suns have announced that they will be releasing a second run of their E.P. for those who missed out. However, the reprint will sport a new band logo and artwork. Designed by Lex of MrFrumpy (the guys who do posters for The Living End, Area 7 and Regurgitator), the new artwork will be simpler, bolder and easier to draw.

"It's quite impossible to replicate our logo unless you have the artistic talent of Jamie (the designer of the original logo). I mean we ourselves can't even draw our logo. We wanna make the new logo easy enough for anyone to draw so that fans can vandalise their lecture pads and school tables with it during those boring classes!" said Justin.

The artwork change will also effectively turn the original E.P. into a strictly limited edition E.P. for the original fans of The Suns.

"Only those who bought the E.P. at the ESPY gig have it and you can't buy it anymore. This is our way of saying thanks to all those who have been supporting us from the start. When we become world superstars, all of you can tell everyone else that you have the original E.P. with the artwork designed by the band," explained Wayne.

In other news, The Suns have released the full lyrics to their EP and two songs from their EP for mp3 download in the songs page.
As always do share your love for The Suns by giving us your feedback on the EP and by taking part in the merchandise survey in the fanclub. You can read about San's week in the band diary.

The Suns rocked the ESPY so hard that tidal waves from the beaches of St. Kilda started groving along.
View more photos from the gig here.

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