The Suns, the live crew and extended family would love to wish our favorite bass player in da universe an extra happy birthday. Thanks for bringing happiness back into our lives with your groovy basslines and rockin' moves. We love you dude!

Send your own personal birthday greeting to Justin at justinmroy@hotmail.com.

The Suns will be gracing the shores of St. Kilda beach for their first gig at the legendary rock venue, Esplanade (11 Upper Esplanade, St. Kilda) this Saturday 24 July 9 pm. Supporting the Spazzys!
No Cover.

The Suns will also be releasing their self-titled E.P. for sale at the gig and will be shooting a live concert video.

The Suns strongly urge everyone to come down and be a part of this massive rock event!

Speaking from a press conference held at the legendary Jingella Studios the band expressed their excitement about their first gig at the Esplanade.

"This is truly a blessing for us. It's taken us six months of hard work to earn a slot at the Espy and this is definitely going to be our most important gig to date. We will be giving the performance of our lives. And what an honor it is for us to play alongside bands such as Avenza, Kelly Gang and to open for the bootiful Spazzys. If you felt that our record breaking gig at the Laundry was our best, wait till you see The Suns ROCK the ESPY!" claimed San.

A high spirited Justin added that a successful performance at the high profile gig would significantly help The Suns efforts to get signed.

"If we do well at the ESPY on Saturday, a lot of doors and a lot of legs are gonna open for the band," Justin joked.

Fans will be delighted to know that The Suns will be releasing their long awaited debut E.P. at the gig. Featuring the tracks Rock With You, Cecelia, You Curry, Put Your Arms Around Each Other and B4 U Go, the self-titled E.P. will be priced at AUD$5.

"We have given our best for our fans in this E.P. It ain't no million dollar recording, but we hope that the songs meet our fans expectations. Just remember to turn it up really loud!" advised Wayne.

The Suns will also be shooting a live concert video at the Espy gig. Directed by Movieman Alan Fredes, the video will be submitted to prospective rock music record labels in Australia.

"The Suns are such a visual band. And I'm gonna try to capture their live energy at one of Melbourne's best venues. Just make sure you go extra crazy at the cameras when they point at you," said Alan.

Last Saturday The Suns performed at Tim Nelthrope's 21st (photos right). Held at Finbars, The Suns threw a full length rock concert with a double encore for Tim, his family, his mates, da bootiful women and Irish beer!

"The Suns made my birthday one of the most memorable nights I have ever had! The Suns blasted into Finbars to rock my party like ACDC playing festival hall. The set included all their hits culminating in a double encore complete with Darkness, Ramones and ACDC covers. The actual music was some of the best the Suns have ever produced and tongues were wagging about just how good the band played! I would love to thank Wayne, Justin and San for being such great mates. Things are looking better for Melbourne's hottest band everyday!" exclaimed Tim.

In other news, The Suns are throwing a FIRE SALE by letting fans download SEVEN older tunes for this week only in the songs page!!! This is your last chance to download these older tunes from The Suns, so make sure you don't lose out and turn into a wanker! As always The Suns warmly invite everyone to share their love in da fanclub. You can read all about birthday boy Justin's reflective thoughts in the band diary.

All hail the smashing birthday boy Tim!
Photos by Tim & Friends.

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