The Suns head back into the legendary No. 9 Jingella Studios this week to record more songs for their upcoming E.P., Rock!

Produced by The Suns drummer Wayne, the highly anticipated E.P. will feature the following tracks - Before You Go, Put Ya Arms Around Each Other, Rock With You, Cecelia, You Curry, Bootiful Day, Eugenia, Charlene, Under Control, Believe In Me, My Light and Let's Make Love.

"Recording on very limited resources is a very time consuming and challenging task. Every instrument going in has to be recorded perfectly because there's not much room for post-production. So my recording technique and our musical performance has to be spot on! But I think all things considered, it's not bad lah," explained Wayne.

"So far we've finished recording You Curry and I'm very happy with the sound. I was dancing to the song in the studio all night. The bass tone is damm happening!" claimed Justin.

Although the band could not confirm a release date for the E.P., they hinted that they might release the E.P. three songs at a time.

"We might release three songs first and see how that goes lah. Then we'll release another three songs as soon as we finish recording them. Our beloved fans have been so bootiful to us over the last couple of months and we wanna make sure that what we give them on the CD is only our best. Recording a CD is kinda like making love. You can't rush it. You gotta take things slow and get all da moves down so that you can get the right groove," said San.

Last Saturday's intimate gig at The Cue (photos on the right) turned into a massive party for lighting doktor Krishna. The Suns churned out one of their most fun sets to date, much to the delight of the very drunk birthday boy.

"I think The Suns rocked so hard that all the balls on the pool tables went flying just like mine. They gave us one of the best nights of the year and I got very drunk..." claimed a hungover Krishna.

In other news, The Suns have released the rock'n'roll love song Baby When You're Gone for mp3 download in the songs page. But don't get so emotional listening to the soulful track that you forget to share some love in The Suns fanclub. You can also check up the updated photos and read about San's very musical week in the band diary.

All hail the very drunk Lighting Doktor Krishna!
Photos by Alan.

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