The Suns will be rocking the balls of pool saloon and live venue, The Cue (277 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) this Saturday 3 July, 10 pm $5 cover.

Initially scheduled for 10 July, The Suns' gig at The Cue was brought forward after indie label Cumbersome Records expressed interest in watching The Suns live.

"We were actually supposed to play next Saturday but today I received a call from Aaron of Cumbersome Records and he said that he really liked our demo and he can't wait to see us live lah! He's heard good stuff from The Tote about us and he's taking time off to watch us. We're always looking at the bright side and I feel things are starting to really pick up for the band," said Justin.

The Suns also announced that they will be celebrating their Lighting Doktor Krishna's
birthday at the gig.

"Krishna's is our brother. His friendship, love and support got the band through some of the toughest times. And the moment we got out of the rut, Krishna was the first to bring beer and groupies into da house! We can't put into words how much this wonderful soul means to us, but we'll say it through music instead. We're gonna throw a rock concert in his honor! The gigs gonna be one huge party so all ya bootiful people gotta come along and play some ball games with us after the show!" said San.

Last Saturday's mammoth 2-hour rock concert at Barley Corn almost erupted in a riot! Jango Macah, Sashi reports.

"The gig at Barley Corn was off the wall mesmerising! The Suns not only performed new fresh from fire singles but they dropped in some old skool classics such as Phuck Da Skool and Ai Sio Kan Mai? as well. The show was so intense it exorcised the demons of our exams. Naturally, I was blown away and decided to jango!"

Fans will be delighted to know that The Suns have resumed recording their EP and are currently putting finishing touches to the magical rock song about having faith, My Light and live favourite, Before You Go.

In other news, The Suns have released the high school punk anthem Phuck Da Skool for mp3 download in the songs page. But don't get so fired up listening to the anarchic track that ya drop out and forget to share some love in the The Suns fanclub. You can read about Justin's busy, busy week in the band diary.

The Suns were so hot at the Barley Corn that it rained beer!
Photos by Sasi

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