The Suns have invited you to celebrate the end of exams with a rockin' show at Barley Corn Hotel (177 Johnston St, Collingwood) this Saturday 26 June 10.30 pm.

The highly anticipated gig promises to rock with The Suns performing a full set of tunes including two new songs, Under Control and Believe In Me!

"I know many of you have been studyin' hard for the exams. But hey, now that the exams are over it's time for us to go crazy! So come on mate, give us the honor of throwing you a tribute concert," San proclaimed.

Last weekend marked The Suns re-entry into the live circuit with shows at Laundry and The Tote. Although their performance at Laundry on Friday was hampered by technical faults in the sound system, the following night's show at The Tote resounded with a loud KABOOM!

"The Tote gig was f**king awesome lah! Their performance just blew me away. Everything went well and according to plan. The Suns managed to draw a 90 percent female audience!" said Rajiv, Rok Mechanic of The Suns Live crew.

In other news, The Suns have released Your Friends for mp3 download in the songs page. But don't get so excited listenin' to da cool rock/reggae track that ya forget to share some love in the The Suns fanclub. You can read about Wayne's battle with tonsilitis last week in the band diary.

Finally, please pray that San and Justin do not catch tonsilitis!

The Suns live at Laundry, 18 June 2004
Photos by Sasi.

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