The Suns at Planet Cafe, Melbourne.
Photo by Mo.

The Suns are getting ready for two explosive shows at The Laundry on Fri, 18 June 9 pm and The Tote on Sat, 19 July 9 pm.

The shows mark The Suns' comeback to the live scene after taking a one month break for lead singer and guitarist San to finish uni and for the band to begin work on a new E.P.

"We had to take a break from gigging cos we were rockin' it out so hard that da women and da curries were making us spiral outta control lah. I almost forgot I had a uni to graduate from!" exclaimed San.

However, San mentioned that The Suns' hectic touring schedule of 'two to three gigs a week' has prepared the band for the recording of their highly anticipated E.P.

"You know we played over 20 gigs in the last three months! And that has helped us get tight and figure out which songs work with the crowd. So now we're gonna put all the crowd favourites into the E.P. I tell ya, it's definitely gonna ROCK!" screamed an excited San.

The Suns also announced that they will be putting up nine previously recorded tracks for mp3 download on their website.

"We're gonna let our fans download some of our older songs. But we're gonna tease 'em by just releasing one song per week!"

Start collecting the tracks by clicking here.

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